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4 Effective Remedies for Sensitive Dry Skin

Skin problems are our daily companion. People who have sensitive dry skin face many skin problems, which can be countered easily with some simple home remedies. Often we do not have time to visit a beauty salon for professional facial treatments but that should not stop us from taking care of the facial skin at home. Many easy home remedies nourish dry and sensitive skin from within and makes it glow, irrespective of the climate. Here are some home remedies for sensitive dry skin.

Banana and Yogurt:

Banana and yogurt are both easily available and inexpensive skin care ingredients. You may find them right now in your refrigerator. Mixing these two ingredients together you can make a nourishing and hydrating skin care mask to improve the health of your skin.


Mix together cocoa powder, avocados and honey for preparing a gentle mask for your dry and sensitive skin. Chocolate can help in reducing stretch marks, scar marks and fine lines. You can apply the chocolate mask on different parts of your body. Along with the described home remedies maintaining a healthy diet and drinking lots of water is necessary for you.

Olive oil and egg yolk

Olive oil is also effective in fixing dry skin problems. When you mix a teaspoon of olive with egg yolk and honey, it turns into a good facial mask. This facial mask deeply moisturizes the facial skin. You can also mix a little bit of rose water in this pack. Olive oil contains Vitamin E and K that are necessary for the nourishment of the facial skin.

Almond oil

The almond oil is naturally rich in vitamin E. It is gentle on the dry, sensitive skin and soothes the irritated areas. Almond oil is also a lubricator that softens the skin and can be used for facial massages. This oil is non-greasy. Your skin will easily absorb the almond oil drops you massage into the skin. You should massage gently at least for five minutes and rinse your face clean with lukewarm water after keeping the oil on your face for 10 minutes. Almond oil is good for sensitive skin but if you are allergenic to nuts then avoid this oil. Oil extracted from nut may affect your skin adversely.

People with dry and sensitive skin cannot tolerate harsh chemical substances. They have to be careful about the skin care products they choose. Natural and herbal home remedies prepared at home are gentle on the skin and do not cause irritation.


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Causes And Dry Scalp Treatment

skinue4Dry scalp makes one feel very uncomfortable. If your are looking for a dry scalp treatment, firstly, you need to know its causes. There are many causes of a dry scalp, but the most basic reason behind it is not having enough natural oils.

  • The use of harsh hair shampoos is one of the most common reasons for dry scalp. Even if you are using an anti-dandruff shampoo, use one with moisturizing properties. Apart from scalp if you have dry skin on face always opt for best skin care products. Same is the case with scalp, choose best shampoos not containing antibacterial substances as they tend to be very abrasive.

  • Another top dry scalp causes include using hot water in showers and baths. Hard water also causes dry scalp. This type of water often lessens the effectiveness of products specialized for dry skin and hair. skinue1

  • Like extreme cold, intense heat can damage your hair and scalp. Blow dryers, cause damage on hair follicles and the surrounding skin. Their prolonged use breaks down the nutrients and protective lipids.

Many people search for dry scalp natural treatment and dry scalp treatment at home. Some of the top ways for dry scalp treatment are:

Firstly, the food you intake has an impact on the condition of your skin and hair. To ensure that your sebaceous glands are functioning well, eat a balanced diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and C. The sebaceous glands secrete oil and lipids which is important to maintain the natural moisture of your hair and scalp. You can also drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated and prevent most common dry scalp causes.

skinue3Poor blood circulation could possibly be the real cause of the condition. So one of the natural treatments is rubbing the head. It can be a very effective dry scalp treatment.

Use shampoo produced with pure active ingredients such as urea, shea butter or tea tree oil. All these ingredients protect the skin tissues from breaking out and itching. When used regularly, the scalp is going to be hydrated and irritation will fade away as well.

You can put filters on your shower head and bathroom taps to filter out the mineral deposits from your

If using blow dryers make sure that the nozzle is 5 to 6 inches away from your head.

Intake of vitamin B is another method to prevent dry scalp. Studies suggests shortage of vitamin B could be a factor for scalp and skin issues. These ways you can prevent dry scalp for any further details visit:


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