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How To Whiten Your Skin

So you want to learn how to whiten your skin, because you have an issue with the way your skin looks now. That’s a very broad set of circumstances, as you may be a black person with hypo-pigmentation, or you may be a white person with freckles, or you may be a Chinese person who wants to look lighter for cosmetic reasons.


There are many reasons why people want to make their skin lighter, and this site aims to help you understand as much as possible about the whole process of skin whitening, and how to find reliable products.

There is a fair amount of difference in the way you should do a treatment for every individual, but you basically have a choice of using something mild like lemon juice, a non-prescription cream containing chemicals like arbutin, or a prescription cream containing high-strength bleaching chemicals.


It’s best to try the least potent chemicals first, and also understand exactly what you’re doing, as it’s a fairly serious cosmetic procedure, bleaching your skin white. If you have white skin, it may be relatively easy to bleach one area of your face or body, and not have to bleach the rest, but for a dark skinned person, they may decide that they have to bleach the whole body the same color, which can be a big undertaking.

The Best Skin Whitening Products


The brand name that we are talking about on this site is Skinue Skin Care, and you can find their range of  top skin care products on the main site.

More: Skin Whitening Tips.

You should do all the homework you can before doing skin bleaching on yourself at home, as there is a lot you need to know, and that’s why this site aims to provide the best and most helpful information on how to whiten your skin properly, safely, and effectively.

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Last call for spring

Looks fantastic!! I love your blog.

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Painted Lady


Schools out for summer! Well, not really. I still have summer classes. But I’m sure as hell not letting that keep me from enjoying my summer. I’m heading out with my ladies tonight and I wanted my look to be as sizzling as the temperature outside. I hope you’re all enjoying your night as well! I am still loving the Vice Palette by Urban Decay, it’s absolutely perfect for summer! You can bet I’ll be showcasing it many times this summer. Here are the products that I used!

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Skin Care- Benefits of Rose Water

Are you in search of something that can make your skin glow and provide freshness naturally? If your answer is yes, then the best option is to use rose water. Rose has been popular since ages for its divine beauty, the pleasant scent and the medicinal properties. Of many uses of rose and the products prepared from it, Rose Water, probably is widely used and liked. It is obtained by the distillation of rose petals.

Rose water not only has a lovely rich fragrance but also has numerous skin benefits. Besides being solely used it is also used in cosmetics and skin care products. It is suitable for all types of skin but is of more importance for dry, sensitive and aging skin. Rose water is a natural toner and moisturizer that firms and tones the skin while hydrating the skin leaving the skin soft, radiant and healthy. The cleansing property of rose water unclogs the pores by removing the impurities and regulates the circulation. Rose water has antiseptic, astringent and antibacterial properties that help in preventing and treating skin problems like acne, pimples and sunburns naturally. Using rose water on regular basis reduces the aging signs and restores the natural radiance making your skin look younger. It balances the skin’s pH level and controls the oil secretion.

Rose water act as cooling agent and provide relief to stressed, tired and irritated skin. The soothing and romantic aroma is believed to be mild sedative and anti-depressant. Rose water refreshes the mind, body and soul by reducing the tension, rejuvenating the skin along with the senses.

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